From: Stacey Meyer
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 4:21 PM

Subject: Fergie Jenkins

What an awesome morning!!!  Those of you that were able to see Fergie
speak to our kids would agree that his message was fantastic and he held
our students captive for over an hour and a half.  It is not too often
that we can say that we have a Hall of Famer in our building, and it was
just a huge bonus that he was able to share what it takes to succeed in
sport as well as life...while overcoming obstacles along the way.  It was
also very special to hear him share some of his most memorable moments
(not too many people can say they were able to strike out Mickey Mantle on
MORE than one occasion!!) in baseball.  Attached are some pics of this
event....special thanks to Rick Czainski from Red Deer Minor Baseball for
helping make this event happen...and a HUGE THANKYOU to Fergie for giving
his time to speak to our kids!!  What an amazing man!  Thanks
have inspired us all.
Mr. Stacey Meyer
Vice Principal/Sports Excellence Coordinator
Hunting Hills High School
Red Deer, Alberta